Chiang Mai, Thailand–Get Your Grip On!

Ryan and I recently went to visit the Bua Tong “Sticky” Waterfalls located about 60 kilometers from Chiang Mai.  I often enjoy riding around on our scooter almost as much as I like seeing whatever it is we went to visit in the first place.  The countryside around Chiang Mai is beautiful and the cool breeze feels great on a hot and sunny day.

When we reached the falls I was thrilled to discover that they were even more spectacular than the scenery.  The rocks are “sticky” from mineral deposits that give them a sort of grip.  Ryan and I climbed right up through the cascading water barefoot without any troubles.  Although we were walking in water, the rocks had the same grip they would have if they were completely dry!  I felt like a super hero.  It was awesome!

Some of the sections were relatively steep and most of them had a rope to assist, but in other areas, we were on our own.  Still, it wasn’t difficult in these areas.  We made our way (carefully) up and down three series of different waterfalls and had a blast!  It was slightly overcast but the water was a nice temperature.  At the bottom of the third waterfall, there was even a place where we could go and stand beneath the falling water.

Ryan and I had a wonderful time exploring the Bua Tong Waterfalls.  It was probably one of the coolest things that I’ve done!  My parents are coming to visit in a couple of weeks and we’re definitely going to take them there to try it out for themselves.  Get ready to get your grip on, Mom and Dad!

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