Sayulita, Mexico–Fun in the Sun



Sayulita is only 25 miles from Puerto Vallarta and has about 4,000 people .  Ryan and I first heard about this quaint little fishing village when we were in Colombia on our jungle trek.  Kay, one of the world travelers we met, was so complementary that Ryan and I jumped on a local bus and went to check it out for ourselves.




Sayulita has a very relaxed, small town kind of vibe and it IS pretty small.  On our quest for lunch, we took three laps around town before selecting a little Mexican cafe off the main plaza.



I ordered some tacos that were spiced very nicely with green peppers.  I also treated myself to my favorite Mexican orangeade called a “naranjada.”  Ryan tried a cazuelita chio which tasted a little earthy for my liking.  His agua de horchata was so good that I ordered one for myself, once I had polished off my naranjada.


Amanda’s tacos


Ryan’s cazuelita chio

I was very happy to have some beach time.  The beaches were better than the ones we’ve seen in Puerto Vallarta because there was much more sand and fewer rocks (although we never saw the ones connected to the PV resorts for comparison).  They were more crowded then the PV beaches we had access to.



We rented an umbrella and got my hot husband a cold beer.  Then I got to spend as much time as I wanted wading in the water!  While there were some rocks to pick through, the water was nice and warm.  Not a bad way to spend a Monday.





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  1. Kelly

    You are still traveling!! Have loved following your blog!

    • Amanda

      Awesome, thanks for reading it! I've been terrible about posting this year. I'm so behind. We're coming home on December 18th. Can't wait to see you! I want to hear all about wedding details. 🙂

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