Portland, Oregon–4T Trail Adventure

After more than a year of traveling around South America and Mexico, it was time to return stateside for the holidays.  Thanksgiving was just around the corner and our first stop was Portland, Oregon.   I was needing a good hug from my mom so much that I cried when I got it.

I missed my mom!

I missed my mom!

My parents have been living in Portland for a little over three years now and it still takes some getting used to whenever we visit them there, instead of the home where I grew up in Wyoming.  That being said, I really like Portland with it’s cool weather, seemingly constant rain, and excellent public transportation.


Their new digs. Ryan thought about buying the one next door. It’s too bad we can’t afford it!

My dad is a very active, outdoorsy kind of guy.  Nothing makes him happier than walking around and checking things out, (aside from some fresh oysters on the half shell).  I’ve been thrilled to find that he’s adjusted to living in the big city very well.


Check out this cool city cat rocking his hat! And Mom in her little blue shoes…sigh. Just perfect.

During this trip, he took us on the 4T Trail adventure.  This includes hiking a trail and riding a train, a trolley, and a tram.  As is often the case concerning our family, we started the adventure with some good food and hot drinks at the Mississippi Marketplace Food Cart Pod.

The Cartlandia Food Cart scene

The Mississippi Marketplace Food Cart Pod scene

A beautiful morning to enjoy some interesting food and hot chai. Yum!

Once we were properly fueled, we jumped on the MAX light rail train (1st T) and headed up to the Washington Park vicinity.  Ryan and I have taken the MAX many times while visiting my parents and we love it.  Aside from walking, this is a great way to get around the city.

We love the MAX!

We love the MAX!

1st T (train), check. So far, so good.

So far, so good.

From here, we embarked on the second part of our adventure by taking the trail (2nd T) from the Oregon Zoo up to Council Crest Park.   It was a nice hike up the hills through the trees and then down through part of Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU).

The Trail Boss getting ready to lead the way

The Trail Boss getting ready to lead the way

Nature is good. :)

Nature is good.

The adventure crew

The adventure crew

Here we caught the Portland Aerial Tram (3rd T) and enjoyed a scenic ride down to the waterfront.  It was getting dark and the light was especially pretty.

The Portland Aerial Tram

The Portland Aerial Tram

The view from the top. Nice. :)

The view from the top. Nice.

Smooth and steady

Smooth and steady she goes

The ride was short and smooth and after we landed, we boarded the trolley, also known as the Portland Street Car (4th T) and made our way downtown.  It was practically dark now and we ended our adventure the same way it had begun, with some good food and drinks.  It was a lovely way to spend the day.

Celebrating not getting lost

Celebrating not getting lost

It's been a long time since Ryan got fancy beer, lol.

It’s been a long time since Ryan got fancy beer.

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