Pattaya, Thailand–Soak Up the Sun

We hadn’t realized at the time we were making plans to take Matt and Sheree to the beach that their visit was during rainy season.  It wasn’t the best time to go to a beach in Thailand, but it was a must-do on our list and so we made it work.  We chose Pattaya because it was basically the driest place with a beach in Thailand.  We stayed near Jomtien.  It was less touristy and we had surprisingly little rain for which we were grateful.  Once we arrived, our plan was to relax, eat, and soak up some sun.  I think we did well in all three categories.

Our hotel had access to a very nice pool and Sheree and I fully utilized it while Ryan and Matt went scuba diving.  The pool wasn’t actually connected to our hotel.  We had to wander a little ways to find it and we almost got lost in the process.  It made us really appreciate having our boys around to do the navigating, but we were glad that they were enjoying their underwater explorations.  They returned with smiling faces and a full report.  They also had some great pictures to share.  I think they enjoyed their scuba experience even more than they’d expected they would.

Sheree found a tea she really liked and we enjoyed trying the southern Thai food out.  I have to admit that I fell in love with a place that had a great American breakfast.  The owner was from New York and the food tasted just like home.  However, we were in Thailand so we tried to stick mainly to local food.  We were able to find some giant prawns, which are Sheree’s favorite.  We tried a variety of spicy salads and the boys got some beer.  My standard since I’ve been in Thailand has pretty much been pineapple fried rice, because it’s been one of the few things I can find that isn’t spicy.  The good news is that I love pineapple fried rice, so this works out well for everyone.

My favorite part of this leg of the adventure was when we visited the Sanctuary of Truth.  This incredible temple was built entirely of wood.  The carvings were beautiful and intricate.  Part of the temple was still under construction and my understanding is that they are expecting it to be completed in 2050!  We spent quite a lot of time here exploring the grounds and taking in all the details.  It was one of the most impressive temples I’ve ever seen and a great end to a wonderful trip.  Thank you so much Matt and Sheree for flying so far to visit us.  I can’t express how grateful we truly are.  Until the next time we get to see you, we’ll miss you!

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