Cuenca, Ecuador–Happy New Year!

Our Honored Guests

Our Honored Guests









Ryan and I were able to celebrate Christmas and the New Year the best way imaginable—with family!  Ryan’s parents, Matt and Sheree, flew all the way to Cuenca, Ecuador to visit us for the holidays.  While Matt’s luggage got lost, and I mean LOST, we had a wonderful time and they were troopers.

View from our patio

View from our patio









In anticipation of our honored guests, we had moved to a bigger apartment with a great view which we all enjoyed by sitting on our patio, playing Spades and drinking Chardonnay, Boone’s Farm and Pilsner Grande.

Don't think Ryan won this hand...

Don’t think Ryan won this hand…

Matt and his BIG beer

Matt and his BIG beer


During the day, we took them to see all of our favorite sights and even discovered some new ones, like the Inca Ruins of Pumapungo.

IMG_20141230_145135 IMG_20141230_145202 IMGP1699 IMGP1689-SMILE

We took them back to Cajas National Park and this time, I kept my lunch down.  Ryan climbed Devil’s Peak (I really need to figure out what that mountain is actually called) all by himself.  Sheree wandered off to get a better vantage point and I spent most of the time serenading my father-in-law with the best of Broadway.  Once again, Matt was a great sport, even though he was wearing some of Ryan’s clothes.


On Christmas Eve, we bought and decorated a Christmas tree which I named Felix.  We ate a seven course meal called The Feast of Seven Fishes at Joe’s Secret Garden.  Joe’s is a wonderfully unique establishment that is only open on Saturday night.  The meal changes every week and is mostly frequented by expatriates.  It is an older, jovial crowd.  In fact, the meal is always kicked-off with cocktails and a social hour.




Christmas Dinner at Don Calon

Christmas Dinner at Don Calon

We enjoyed the food (and company) at Joe’s so much that we returned for New Years.  This time we were served an array of appetizers, lomo fino wrapped around shrimp is a creamy sauce, and cherries jubilee pie.  Everyone was given a skewer of green grapes which we were instructed to eat during the twelve tolls of the new hour (one grape per second) making a wish on each one.  Incidentally, this did not actually occur at midnight (as is generally the tradition) but before our meal as we were amongst a retired crowd.  Besides, it was midnight somewhere.  Indeed, our host Joe pointed out that in fact, at that very time (which, I believe, was around 7pm), it was midnight in Greenwich London and that was good enough for us.

IMG_20141231_190513 IMG_20141231_190559

What our jovial crowd may have been lacking in youth, they certainly made up for in enthusiasm.  And it was a good thing, for little did they know, a great surprise was in store for them.  After dinner I excused myself from my family and snuck into the back yard with two of my table mates where we commenced to change into our performance clothes.  The guests were beckoned outside and right there in the street (stopping traffic at one point) the Cuenca Dance Mob put on a vigorous performance to “Hot Stuff.”

After the show we lit the effigies on fire.  These are life-sized, scarecrow-looking things.  The idea behind this tradition is really quite clever.  You choose someone you bare a grudge against and create an effigy in their image.  Then you write a note to that person, slip it inside, and light it on fire.  In doing this, you are lifted of your burden and begin the New Year fresh.  But only after you jump across the pile of ashes twelve times, which Sheree and I did (at least twice).  By then, we had both consumed enough wine that Ryan looked on in disapproval at our potentially dangerous shenanigans.



Although we left Joe’s shortly after, our night wasn’t over.  We returned to our apartment and sat out on the patio watching the most amazing fireworks display I’ve ever seen.  It started at Midnight and lasted well into the night.  Every neighborhood, it would seem, had their own show.  So instead of one grandiose show, there were smaller shows scattered across the whole city.  It was quite the sight and we had fantastic seats.  Most of all, we had fantastic company.  Thank you Matt and Sheree for making our holidays unforgettable.



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8 Responses to Cuenca, Ecuador–Happy New Year!

  1. Wendy

    Your holidays sound wonderful! Although you were missed here and I'm sure you had pangs of lonliness, you are seizing the day my girl! Your life will never be the same. Love you ginomously.
    Tante Wendy

  2. Leslie Blankenship

    Beautiful scenery! I loved reading about you and Ryan's adventures, climbing down the waterfalls, zip lining and swinging over the edge of a cliff! Does your mom know you are doing this? ha ha ha. I'm glad to see you both had family to celebrate Christmas with, looks like you showed them a wonderful time! Hey! Amanda, do you think you can hide a monkey in your coat for me and bring him back home when you return? (just wondering) I'm enjoying living through your adventures, keep it up….be safe XX

    • Adventure Amanda

      Hi Leslie! I would definitely be up for smuggling a monkey home if I thought I could get away with it. Somehow, I don't think I could though…LOL. Mom's been a great sport about our adventure. Although the details probably make her pretty nervous at times, I think the more I keep her informed, it actually helps her. I could be wrong. We were very lucky to have Ryan's parents come for the holidays. It made all the difference in the world. Take care and thanks for reading!

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