Buenos Aires, Argentina–The Paris of South America



After our Colombian adventures, my husband and I found ourselves back in Argentina with her abundant bidets, midnight meals and fast spoken Spanish.  Once again, trying to work the oddly shaped keys into the strange locks and riding the elevator down to floor 0.



Things suddenly got more complicated…

Something that was immediately apparent about Buenos Aires was that it is one classy joint.  Attractive people bustle about in warm neutral-colored coats, wearing smart slacks and sharp leather boots.  Gorgeous wedding gowns decorate store windows.  And there are shoes galore!

BA Wedding Dress


Argentina certainly knows how to turn out her parks and plazas.  In fact, between Mendoza, Bariloche and Buenos Aires, I’d say Argentina knows how to do parks and plazas the best of anywhere we’ve been.  Even the pigeons which frequent the many parks are more attractive on average.  They are plump and sleek with an actual shimmer to their colorful feathers.  Their feet are vibrant orange.

Paseo del Rosedal (Rose Garden)

Paseo del Rosedal (Rose Garden)


Although Ryan and I wouldn’t know, being in Buenos Aires felt like walking around Europe.  There are even shiny red phone booths and compact little cars.  The massive stone buildings and bubbling fountains are truly gorgeous.  Without question, my favorite was the opera house.


Teatro Colon (Opera House)

Teatro Colon (Opera House)

You may have heard that Argentina hows to cook a steak and is known for her high quality beef.  Buenos Airs was certainly no exception–although I have to admit I had an unbeatable steak (maybe even two) in Bariloche.  Regardless, the steaks we were able to try in Buenos Aires were tender and flavorful and the service was phenomenal everywhere we went.



Don’t forget the cheep wine.  Malbec and Torrontes are fairly unique to Argentina and are certainly worth a try, even for non-wine lovers such as myself.  With beautiful plazas and great food, our very own wine tasting and our third(!) visit from Ryan’s parents Matt and Sheree, Buenos Aires has been a wonderful and unforgettable experience.




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