Bariloche, Argentina–A Million Dollar View

Although San Carlos de Bariloche is the largest city in the Argentine Lake District (population 108,205), it didn’t feel all that big.  Bariloche is located just off the shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi Lake and is surrounded by lofty mountain peaks from all directions.  Besides being in Argentina’s Patagonia, Bariloche is know for it’s Swiss alpine architecture and its chocolate.  Unfortunately Ryan and I weren’t in the best of health during our time there and did not fully get to experience the outdoors or the chocolate.  But this did not stop me from falling in love with the fresh, crisp mountain air, the excellent food, and the astonishing views that we did get to see.


The view from our apartment!

Just twenty minutes out of the city is the Campanario Hill Viewpiont.  The trip to the top of Cerro Campanario (Bell Tower Hill) which can be accomplished either by chairlift or by foot, was especially rewarding for the million dollar view it afforded.  Lake Lago Nahuel Huapi branching out below was well worth the 30-45 minute hike and just may have been the most lovely view I’ve ever seen (sorry Wyoming).


The view of Lake Lago Nahuel Huapi from the Campanario Hill Viewpoint

Besides the numerous outdoor activities in Bariloche, the food was excellent.  I ate possibly the best ribeye steak (bife de chorizo) I’ve had in my life at Alto El Fuego (sorry Daddy).  The meal began with a dish of Provoleta, plenty of freshly baked bread, and chimichurri sauce.  The steak was juicy and tender and accompanied by a side of mashed potatoes.  I couldn’t have been much happier or more full by the end of the evening.


Bife de Chorizo

I was sad to leave Bariloche after only 18 days, especially once my health had improved and I felt more like exploring, but our time in this magical place had abruptly come to an end.  All that remained of Barlichoe as we braved the twenty hour bus ride back to Mendoza were the pictures of the view and the savory flavor of steak still lingering in my memory.


Lago Nahuel Huapi Lake


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8 Responses to Bariloche, Argentina–A Million Dollar View

  1. Rita

    I love seeing your posts, it feels like I get to share a part of your journey. I miss your sweet face. Love you daughter!!

    • Adventure Amanda

      Hi Rita! I miss you too but it makes me less lonely to write. Especially when I know my favorite people are reading! I feel connected to them still. Thanks for reading Mom!

  2. Sheree

    How gorgeous, sooo wish I was there! Love the views and of course would love to finish off your wine for you! LOL Miss you!

  3. Gramma Kay

    SO interesting and well written, Amanda. A beautiful area for sure. What were your health issues?? (nurse Gramma talking). We are sure loving your blogs!

    • Adventure Amanda

      Don't worry Gramma, I think I just had a sinus infection (left over from a cold). But then I tried a new slow-carb diet for two days and my digestive system declared war (diarrhea, constipation, and headaches–bit of an over-reaction if you ask me. All better now. Thanks for reading! We are finally in a place with decent internet. I'll give you a call this week. Love you!

  4. sandra

    Hey you two, your adventures continue amazing to me…Eagle Creeking and thinking about you….s.

    • Adventure Amanda

      Hi Tent Buddy!!! What are your plans for New Years? We were hoping to come home and spend it with you and the Jay Birds!

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