Ajijic, Mexico–Join the Club


The small city of Ajijic is located on the edge of Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico.  It is a quiet sleepy town, at the foot of lush green mountains.  There are flowers everywhere and the air smells like guava.  The weather is perfect and the sunsets are beautiful.


It was in this town that The Lake Chapala Society (LCS) was first founded in 1955.  Today LCS organizes many services and activities for members and non-members alike.  As of yesterday, Ryan and I are both official members.  This means that every Monday from 1-4 pm, I get to come to this beautiful outdoor Utopia and enjoy playing games!


The LCS Gaming Group is a fun friendly crowd comprised mainly of retired expatriates.  Paul and Sue serve as the group’s leaders and organize a social dinner every other week in addition to their weekly gaming obligations.  They were especially friendly and helpful to me, the newest member.


Yet the same can also be said for everyone else I met.  One friendly face after another came over to introduce themselves and exchange pleasantries.  One member is even famous for appearing in a PBS special on the retirement scene in Ajijic (she is the woman walking her three dogs).

After three hours of playing Royal Rummy, I was pleased to have placed a close second.  It was the perfect day in paradise and I am ever so grateful to have many more Mondays to look forward to while staying in Ajijic.  Who knows, we are enjoying it so much that we may decide to stay longer than expected…


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