Ajijic, Mexico–Feliz Cumpleanos

This year, when I woke on my 32nd birthday, I found that my husband had left me.  The good news was that I found him again in the living room.  He had woken up early and snuck out to buy me fresh flowers.  The flowers were beautiful, but he looked a little tired.  Apparently it’s hard to buy fresh flowers this time of the year at such an early hour and he’d had to walk clear across town to buy them.  How spoiled am I?


So he’d already earned brownie points, big time, but he took me out for breakfast never-the-less to my favorite breakfast joint.  The Waffle House has a huge selection of excellent waffles and pancakes, as well as many other more local items.  My day was already going great, but it got even better as I filled my belly with a mango smoothie and a heaping stack of chocolate pancakes (with fresh strawberries)!



Still, things were about to get even better.  Our landlords went out of town and asked us to house-sit for them.  They live in a huge house with a pool and have a six-month old Great Dane Puppy!  Not only did we upgrade, but I got a week’s worth of play dates out of the deal to boot, and it wasn’t even noon.


My good fortune continued into the afternoon when, for the first time since we moved to Ajijic, Ryan accompanied me to bingo.  He’s not a big fan, but he’s a great sport!   I got two free bingo packages out of the deal–1) because I brought a guest, and 2) because it was my birthday!



This year I had two birthday dinner celebrations.  The first had taken place the previous weekend.  My friend Jane’s birthday is the day before mine (on September 26th) and we got a group together and met at La Mision to celebrate.  They served excellent sangrias and surprised us with a birthday treat.  Then Jane and Frank and Andrea surprised me with gifts.  They spoiled me rotten!



My second birthday dinner took place after bingo on my birthday.  Ryan took me to eat at my favorite seafood restaurant in Chapala.  Cozumel has endless margaritas and excellent coconut shrimp.  After dinner, we wandered along the Chapala malecon and checked out the carnival rides.  This was the way we had had our first date (more than six years ago) and it brought back wonderful memories, as well as making new ones.  Thank you Ryan.  You are the best!



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