HCMC, Vietnam–Duck Foot In

They might be on to something…

When Ryan’s aunts came to visit us in Mexico back in November, Aunt JoAmy noticed that I walk slightly duck-footed.  This was news to me.  Still, I didn’t give it too much thought until my mom pointed out the same thing.  This was a few weeks ago in Portland.  I was trying shoes on in preparation for my journey.  That was when Mom noticed that my right foot is turned out more so than my left.  Strange right?  And she insists that this is a fairly recent development.

Now that I find myself in the midst of rushing Ho Chi Minh City traffic, I am concerned that my duck foot is going to get run over.  I feel that this is a valid concern.  The traffic in Ho Chi Minh City is a sight to behold, espeically for a small town girl from Wyoming.  Ryan and I arrived two weeks ago.  We have been staying right downtown in the heart of the city.  Traffic is loud and bustling and the narrow sidewalks are so overrun with parked scooters that pedestrians are forced to walk in the street.  Cars and scooters zoom by with only inches to spare, and less so, if one of your feet is turned out, no matter how slightly.

I have become very much aware of my duck foot and what it is doing, especially today while I was braving my way along Bui Vien, one of the busiest streets in District One.  I had to keep an eye on this rogue foot (which happens to be the right) to be sure that it was pointing straight ahead.  This slowed my progress and eventually gave me the giggles.  Ryan finally decided we should walk on the other side of the street where my duck foot would be turned in away from traffic.  So, duck foot IN it was.

To make matters worse, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in a store window and saw that my hair had grown outrageously fuzzy from the combination of the high humidity and drizzle of rain.  I was the fuzzy duckling and I was waddling down the busy street, splashing my way through the puddles.  Of course this only made me laugh harder.  It was a wonder I didn’t get hit!  Luckily I survived and lived long enough to tell the tale.  Tomorrow I’ll be doing it all over again and I’m going to have to learn to procede with extra caution.  This fuzzy duckling is just going to have to get used to her new self and remember to either walk on the right side of the road, or to keep that duck foot turned in.


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7 Responses to HCMC, Vietnam–Duck Foot In

  1. Michael Miller

    Don't blame the genetic code for this late development. This was acquired or a late mutation regarding duck feet.

    • Amanda Vredenburg

      Funny! I did say that it's a fairly new development. Am I not supposed to be calling it a duck-foot then? Is my blog factually flawed Daddy? Bummer…

  2. Mama Miller

    Funny girl. Love you and your fuzzy duckling persona. Enjoyed the read.

  3. Uncle Dan

    That's a Mamda face, I loves it!

  4. Aunt lisa

    Very busy city! Looks warm, though. Send some warmth our way.
    Hugs to both of you

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