Valparaiso, Chile–An Artist’s Dream


When we decided on a quick weekend getaway to leave the scorching Santiago sun behind, I was elated to find the Chilean buses to be far superior to the Ecuadorian buses.  Ryan and I, along with our friend Justin, took a two hour bus ride up to Valparaiso, Chile and enjoyed a very comfortable, air-conditioned ride along the way.  For those of you who know me, this means that I slept well.


On arrival in Valparaiso, I was once again pleasantly surprised to find that the salty sea breeze of the port city was cool and refreshing and required the occasional use of a sweatshirt, which I had not brought or even unpacked since we’d arrived in Chile.  Luckily for me, Valparaiso is a relatively small city of about 283,000 people and finding a shopping center was surprisingly easy, even for tourists such as ourselves.  Properly clad, I was ready to explore the city.

IMGP1947 IMGP1949 IMG_20150214_163031

Being a port city, Valparaiso definitely gives off a touristy type of vibe.  It is crowded and noisy and often smells of pot.  It is also dirtier than Santiago.  That being said, it holds more of a charm.  I found Valparaiso to be a maze of chaotic streets, alleys and stairways all situated on the slopes of steep hillsides lined with restaurants and bars.  The buildings are colorful and crumbling and often covered with impressive mural paintings.

IMGP1939  IMGP1958 IMGP1940

While in search of dinner, we stumbled across a store owned by a French artist who sold gum bichromate wall hangings.  The piece on display in the window was what initially caught my eye.  A black and white printed picture of a man and dog passing each other on the street, each on their own path, each content to go his separate way.  This picture definitely captured the dog scene in Chile, which has been one of my favorite aspects of traveling thus far.  I emerged from the store with a smaller version of the picture in the window.  It was my first South American souvenir and it was rolled and ready for travel.



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9 Responses to Valparaiso, Chile–An Artist’s Dream

  1. Sheree

    Hello Miss Amanda, guess I really should say Mrs. Amanda now huh! It just doesn't have the same ring to it. Love the colorful pics. Sounds like a nice adventure and a break from Santiago too. You didn't even mention the food! I was not surprised to see your "orange" sweatshirt, glad you got to do some shopping! Love you!

    • Adventure Amanda

      Hi Sheree! My orange sweatshirt saved the day but the shopping wasn't nearly as fun without you. The food wasn't anything special although we did have some good dishes. I'm trying to lose some weight and am working and severing the emotional attachment I've always had to food. This is good since the boys seem set on cheap hot dogs and beer. Miss you!

  2. Mama Kathi

    LOVE your colorful pics! Murals were great. Don’t you just love the brightly colored buildings of the cities? You will be pleased that your first official souvenir is a print that will help you remember these adventurous days. Smart choice.

    • Adventure Amanda

      Thanks Mom, I thought so too! And it's black and white so it matches our quilt!!! We thought of you a lot. Miss you.

  3. Alex

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