São Paulo, Brazil–Sexy Samba

The last weekend Ryan and I spent in São Paulo was one of the most memorable to date.  Our good friends and hosts, Erica and Guilaramie took us into the heart of the São Paulo samba scene.  In general, I found the Brazilian caipirinha’s to be a little stout and so I drank water and enjoyed the lively music, watching the more experienced dancers take command of the dance floor.



One of my favorite things about Lapa 40° was that they employ a half dozen young men whose one and only job it seemed was to dance.  With single women.  With married women.  With each other.  And dance they did.

When I finally felt that fabulous upbeat music come alive inside of me and felt ready to try it out for myself, I worked my way over to one of the young men wearing a black “Dancer” t-shirt and asked him for a dance.  This dance was the Forro and vaguely reminded me of a country swing dance with a very sensual Latin vibe.  It was so much fun and I fared fairly well, if I may say so myself.  I only stepped on him a few times…


Every so often, they would lead a group dance that anyone could easily follow and Erica and I ran out in front of the stage and participated enthusiastically in every one of them.  Although I did not feel confident enough to brave the samba out on the floor with the pros, I truly enjoyed watching it.  There is nothing quite like the samba.


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  1. klaus schummre

    Hello Klaus here, enjoying the posts. In Germany, we do not Samba. How about the waltz?

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