Mexico–All-Star Visit!

Ryan and I had been living in Mexico for about three months when we had our first visitors!  Ryan’s parents, Matt and Sheree, are our all-star travelers.  They came to visit us the year before in Ecuador, Colombia, and Argentina.  They are awesome and their visits are something that I always look forward too.

Matt and Sheree: Cajas National Park, Ecuador

Matt & Sheree: Medellin, Colombia

Matt & Sheree: Buenos Aires, Argentina

When they accepted our invitation to visit us in Mexico as well, I was thrilled!  For weeks I eagerly anticipated their arrival.  Finally the big day came and I wasted no time.  I immediately confiscated Sheree and we enjoyed a mother-daughter day at the spa.  Monte Coxala is the nicest spa I’d ever been to.  It’s located in San Juan Cosala in the Raquet Club vicinity.  This is about twenty minutes out of Ajijic.  Not only are the grounds gorgeous, but it has an incredible view!

You can actually swim beneath this pyramid.

Sheree all robed up and ready to hit the hot thermals

Indoor thermal pool at the top of the pyramid

Outdoor thermal pools

Infinity pool

Matt and Ryan had some nice father-son time as well.  They went to a car show in Guadalajara.  All the while, I continued to hog Sheree.  I asked her to help teach bunco to my gaming group on Monday.  The next day I took her to play bingo.  On Wednesday we had massages and were surprised to have our manicures and pedicures done while we were still lying down.  That was a first for both of us, LOL.

Ryan and I (especially me) love Ajijic so much that we hope to someday establish a home base here.  One of our goals for their first visit was to get Matt and Sheree to fall in love with the place as well.  We wanted to try to entice them to consider snow-birding in Ajijic away from Wyoming’s harsh winter weather.  It was 37 below the last time we went home to visit and I got chilblains.  Yikes!

Hunter Peak outside Cody, Wyoming

Knowing his parents (especially his mother’s) interest in real estate, Ryan craftily signed us up for a real estate tour with Access Lake Chapala.  This was something Ryan and I had done when we first visited Ajijic in October the previous year and we thought it was a great way to get familiar with the area.  Alex drove us around the different towns and neighborhoods, taking us in to view the three properties Sheree had selected ahead of time.  I think Matt and Sheree both liked the la Floresta area the best, which is also one of my favorite neighborhoods.  It has wide streets, beautiful flowers, and is nice and quiet.

Jacaranda trees

Flame trees

Horses for rent

Another way we were hoping to win them over was by feeding them great food.  Both Matt and Sheree love Mexican food and we made sure that they had as much as they could eat.  In between meals we played cards and read and relaxed at home.  We also drove to explore the nearby towns, including Jocotopec and the Chapala market.  It wasn’t an especially long visit but we filled it full of fun and laughter.  By the end, they assured us that they would come back for another visit.  As far as I’m concerned, that’s a great start!  Thank you so much Matt and Sheree.  I cannot express how grateful I am for these special times we have together.

Enjoying some seafood at Restaurant Isla Cozumel

I’m not sure who had the worst had, Ryan or me…

Molcajetes in Chapala

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