Danang, Vietnam–A Brief Eulogy for Honey Bee

Good old Honey Bee.  You weren’t the fastest or the newest or the prettiest scooter in Danang.  You weren’t even the smoothest ride and your suspension was pretty much shot.  You were however our first scooter.  You had a descent storage compartment under your seat and I could always seem to locate you in a crowded parking lot.

Our three-month lease has expired and it’s time we move on to something a little newer that doesn’t stall when we’re heading into oncoming traffic.  (Surprise!)  But don’t feel bad.  You’re not used to carrying so much weight around, and you are in your golden years, after all.  We will always have a special place for you in our hearts and in our memory of Danang.  Take care, our bumbling Honey Bee.  And thank you.



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4 Responses to Danang, Vietnam–A Brief Eulogy for Honey Bee

  1. Michael Miller

    RIP old scooter.

  2. great one admin keep doing good work, good luck.

  3. Nice post… Keep it up

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