Daisy, Washington–Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Thompson!

One of my favorite things about living in Ajijic is its close proximity to an international airport.  For many people, this is no big deal.  But don’t forget that I grew up in Wyoming.  It was not uncommon to have to drive clear to Utah or Colorado to get a decent flight.  Now that I live so close to Guadalajara I have discovered that traveling home for special family events is not only feasible, but it’s fairly convenient.  When my cousin Makayla announced that she was getting married in June, I said, “We’ll be there!”

Makayla and Cruz picked a beautiful spot on her grandparents farm to get married.  This was the same place that he proposed and where my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Kelly are hoping to relocate once they’ve rebuilt the original homestead.  It was just beautiful.  But the bride put even this lovely venue to shame.  She could not have been more radiant.

Makayla and Cruz were married under a homemade arch overlooking the Columbia River.   Our Uncle Dan and Aunt Wendy had been given the honor of officiating the ceremony and they did an amazing job.  The whole thing was incredibly touching.  I particularly liked the bride and groom’s vows which were original and from the heart.  They even buried a time capsule to dig up in years to come.  I thought this was a really cool idea and one I’d never seen done before at a wedding.

Much of our family had traveled a good distance to attend the wedding.  My parents came from Oregon.  My sister’s family drove over from Lacey, which is near Olympia.  In addition, my brother and sister-in-law made the trip all the way from Wyoming.  We enjoyed the reception surrounded by family, homemade desserts, and plenty of dancing!  It was a beautiful celebration for a beautiful couple.  Makayla and Cruz, I wish you all the best!


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6 Responses to Daisy, Washington–Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Thompson!

  1. Gramma Kay

    A happy, happy, happy time for us all. Your text, pictures and videos bring it all back!!! Thanks Amanda!!!

  2. Aunt lisa

    So nice to see your photos and read your kind words, AMANDA! It was such a special day for Makayla & Cruz to have so many family members to share their wedding with. We felt very privileged to have all of you travel from so far! Love to you both.
    Aunt lisa & uncle Kelly

    Wedding venue looks very different with all of our snow!

    • Amanda Vredenburg

      I'll bet, I can't believe the weather this year! Thanks for reading the post. Hopefully I got all the info right. Ryan and I were so happy that we were able to attend. It was a very special occasion. Love you both and stay warm!

  3. Makayla

    Ah Manda this is so sweet!! I love watching the videos! Love you guys hope you are living it up!!

    • Amanda Vredenburg

      Hello Miss Makayla! We had fun! I'm so glad we could come and share your special day. Hope you're enjoying your new house and married life. Happy 2017! Love, Amanda

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