Chapala, Mexico–Turkey Time

This year, thanks to both my dedication to bingo and a lot of luck, I won two tickets to celebrate Thanksgiving at the American Legion in Chapala.  I had heard wonderful things about their Thanksgiving feasts and I was eagerly anticipating some turkey and pumpkin pie.



When Ryan and I arrived, we found the place decorated for the occasion.  We started with drinks and by the time they began serving dinner and delicious aromas were wafting through the air, we had worked up quite the appetite (or at least I had).  Luckily for me, our table was one of the first to be served, so I didn’t have to wait long.



My plate was set down before me and I couldn’t have been more thrilled to find it filled with both light and dark turkey, along with two kinds of potatoes (mashed and sweet).  In addition, there were green beans, stuffing with walnuts, and cranberry sauce.  The food was hot and it tasted delicious.



While we ate, we enjoyed some nice conversation with the gentleman who was sharing our table.  Although I was nice and full by the time I’d emptied my plate, I had thought far enough ahead to wear a stretchy skirt and so I made room for the pumpkin pie.



Ryan and I both left happy and full and made our way to the Chapala malecon for a nice stroll.  Did I mention we were thankful?  We were thankful for pie, and bingo, but mostly we were thankful for each other and for the wonderful adventures we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy over the past two years.  We are truly blessed.




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